December 1, 2023

Motul is pleased to announce a multi-year partnership agreement with GASGAS Factory Racing Tech3 spanning the MotoGP, Moto3, and MotoE classes. This collaboration marks Motul's return to the fairings and sporting ventures of the team, rekindling a partnership that previously spanned from 2008 to 2018.

MotoGP is the pinnacle of motorcycle racing, known for pushing the limits of technology and performance. Partnering with a GASGAS Factory Racing Tech3, Motul operates in a high-performance environment where its products can be proof-tested under extreme conditions.

Tech3's commitment, and by extension Motul's, goes beyond the MotoGP class, extending into Moto3 and MotoE.
Their 2024 rider lineup features Augusto Fernandez (26 years old), the 2022 Moto2 World Champion who raced with the GASGAS Tech3 team in 2023, and Pedro Acosta (19 years old), who will be a rookie in the MotoGP class in 2024 but has proven form as a double World Champion in Moto3 in 2021 and Moto2 in 2023.

In 2024, Motul returns to the fairings of the GASGAS Factory Racing Tech3 team in a renewed partnership focused on increasing brand visibility, product development and stimulating engaging initiatives for fans and motorsport enthusiasts.


Chairman of the supervisory board of Motul
"I am delighted to welcome back GASGAS Factory Racing Tech3 to the Motul family of partners. Our both companies share the same values of passion, human focus, and dedication to performance. The fit is even wider as we also share a common vision on mobility with the Pierer Mobility group, owner of the GASGAS brand.”


Team Owner Tech3
"With Motul, we know each other so well, so it is more than a friendship, we can call it a family affair. Our relationship started when I was still a teenager, and as far as I remember, we have many drawings of the whole Tech3 history in our workshop, and 98% of this history is linked with Motul. We have been growing together in the industry, and after a needed break following many years of intense passion, we understand that it is now time to come back to our nest, Motul. Above all the technology and development factors that this new partnership with Motul implies, we consider this reunion as one from the 'Corazon' as I like to call it. It is all about human relationships. There is something special between our two entities, we share the same values, the same passion for racing and life in general, and this kind of relationship is quite rare, believe me, so this is why I am thrilled to be working again with Motul. Tech3 Racing also shares that 'Corazon' with the Pierer Mobility Group, so all I wish is that Tech3 Racing, Pierer Mobility Group and Motul become a Corazon formula, in order to be a winning formula in the next few years."


Motul is a world-class French company specialized in the formulation, production and distribution of high-tech engine lubricants (two-wheelers, cars and other vehicles) as well as lubricants for industry via its Motul Tech activity.
Unanimously recognized for more than 170 years for the quality of its products, innovation capacity and involvement in the field of competition, Motul is also recognized as a specialist in synthetic lubricants. As early as 1971, Motul was the first lubricant manufacturer to pioneer the formulation of a 100% synthetic lubricant, issued from the aeronautical industry, making use of esters technology: 300V lubricant.
Motul is a partner to many manufacturers and racing teams to further push their technological development in motorsports. It has invested in many international competitions as an official supplier for teams in: Road racing, Trials, Enduro, Endurance, Superbike, Supercross, Rallycross, World GT1, 24 Hours of Le Mans (cars and motorcycles), 24 Hours of Spa, Le Mans Series, Andros Trophy, Paris-Dakar, 8 Hours of Suzuka, Bol d’Or, Daytona 200-mile motorcycle race.


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