When the lights on the starting grid turn green on a Sunday, the motorsport world become captivated for 45 solid minutes as adrenaline levels soar for everyone who watches the most entertaining two wheeled motorsport series on the planet. However, what needs to be undertaken ‘behind the scenes’ to ensure that everything runs efficiently at all of the 19 rounds?

When the MotoGP bikes line up on the grid, everyone is suspended in anticipation for the moment when the lights go out. Immediately, the prototype machines, which have close to 250 BHP leap into full flight, and proceed to reach phenomenal speeds whilst performing gravity defying lean angles. Yet what needs to be done to allow a professional MotoGP team to go racing? Copious amounts of duties are carried out away from the public eye to ensure that the Tech3 KTM Factory Racing Team can compete successfully.

This behind the scenes episode is about one of the key characters who is the heart of the Tech3 team along with Hervé PoncharalGuy Coulon operated as the crew chief until the end of 2020 and has been present since 1989 with Tech3 whilst working with a whole host of successful and talented MotoGP riders. His extensive knowledge of motorcycles and vast experience has seen him transform the riders into thoroughly competitive athletes. Guy also proudly stands as the head of development for the team’s self-designed and made Mistral 610 bike, which was competing in the Moto2 World Championship from 2010 to 2018.

In the MotoGP, the Tech3 KTM Factory Racing team does not just have to be fast on track but additionally, the communications side needs to run seamlessly and proficiently. To organise and coordinate this for the MotoGP, the Moto3 and the MotoE line-up there is another ‘team’ than the one seen in the garage. This other squad is the communications team whose roles will be examined in this ‘Insight’ to illustrate the relentless efforts of the four members to guarantee success on the track.

The first thoughts that come into everybody's mind when thinking about MotoGP are obviously about racing, riders, mechanics and racetracks. However, these figures are just the visible tip of the iceberg as there is another set up and team who works tirelessly behind the scenes. This dedicated section is called hospitality and consists in the case of Tech3, of three trucks. Every team competing in MotoGP has a hospitality unit so that the riders and staff are well catered for and that the guests can enjoy their experience as much as possible, but to set up such impressive structures is a demanding task.


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