A Blast From The Past Part 3: Everybody Is Aiming For The Title

Hervé Poncharal shows us some insights of the history of Tech3 Racing, which is celebrating season number 30 of World Championship competition in 2020.

2000 GP Australie rThere are a few best days. For sure, when we won the Championship in 2000 in Phillip Island after an incredible battle all through the season between our two riders Shinya Nakano and Olivier Jacques. The incredible finish between Olivier and Shinya was an unforgettable moment, because we didn’t just win the Championship, we were 1-2 and we gave the constructors title to Yamaha on a circuit like Phillip Island, so that was for sure a very, very, very important moment in our lives. Everybody is aiming to win the World Championship and we could do it after an incredible work with all the Yamaha staff and our crew and our two riders. That season is very special in my memory.

Tech3 Moto2 2010Another great day for me was, when Yuki Takahashi in 2010 won the Moto2 race in Catalunya. The Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya in Montmeló is a very special one, the event is in the middle of the season, it’s a race where you have a lot of spectators, it’s always a strong round. It was the first year with our ‘home-made’ machine, in house, constructed by Tech3. The guys, who were developing it, were the same guys working in MotoGP, so it was a very tough mission. We had a tough winter and to see that bike winning and on the top step of the podium with Takahashi was a very, very special emotion. We were having a small crew, we were doing development, production of parts and everything, so it was an incredible mission and one I will never forget. You build this baby in your garage during the winter, you face a lot of difficulties and then you go on and win a World Championship race, it’s an unbelievable event.

Shinya Nakano - 2001Also, our first podium in the 500cc class with Shinya Nakano, I think it was in Sachsenring 2001. The year before, we were fighting for the title of the 250cc class and then you move to the premier class and suddenly you are with the big boys, with the best riders, with the best crews and then Shinya did the lap record and finished on the podium, which made us all very proud. Especially with Shinya who lost the title the year before for just 0.014 seconds, so the first podium in the top class was also something incredible. I have a lot more memories, but I guess these three are the best ones.


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