A Blast From The Past Part 2: There Are Fishes On The Track

Hervé Poncharal shows us some insights of the history of Tech3 Racing, which is celebrating season number 30 of World Championship competition in 2020.

I know some good moments and some bad moments, it’s really difficult to pick the funniest ones. I don’t know THE funniest moment, but I can tell you something about the guys, I had most fun with. A specific moment is difficult to say, because you don’t want to talk about anything that is not 100 percent professional. But clearly, if I think about the riders I had the most fun and the craziest moments to share with, I would say Colin Edwards.

Colin 2008Cal 2011Colin is a really funny guy and a really crazy guy. He has no fear and he is not politically correct, so we had a lot of incredible funny moments with Colin, which I loved! The other one – and they were teammates for one year – is Cal Crutchlow. Cal is also very crazy and not scared of doing some incredible funny jokes, also completely not politically correct and I had a lot of great moments. With these two guys we shared some unbelievable moments in the MotoGP class.

What I like about the two of them, is that they are very professional, they were top riders, but they have a kind of distance to a few political things and they can be real. Sometimes during interviews or debriefings, we were laughing a lot. The Japanese engineers – at that time from Yamaha with both, Colin and Cal - are quite serious about their job and sometimes during the debriefing, it was just unbelievable.

1993 GP ASSENIf we go back in time, I would also say with John Kocinski in 1993 with Lucky strike Suzuki we lived through some great moments. When John was coming back to the garage and doing his debrief with parts of our crew and the Japanese engineers, he was sometimes saying “There are fishes on the track.” And you just open your eyes and think ‘What is he talking about?’ but that was his way to explain us that the track is slippery.

Or “There is a bear in the front fork.”, a bear! That means the front fork is not working properly or “In corner three I saw God”, which means ‘I had a very scary moment and I thought I was going to die.’ He had some incredible expressions, but when he was talking he was very serious, so we didn’t dare to laugh and then, what was making me laugh a lot – but inside me of course – was the face of the Japanese engineers, who were completely shocked. John was a big name and they wanted to show him respect, so they always said “Ah, ok, fishes on the track. Bear in the front fork, ok.” When we were going for lunch after the debrief for example, we were laughing a lot.

These are souvenirs that are completely different than other memories. I also remember, we were in Shah Alam in Malaysia long time ago, and he wanted to change the shock. He said “I need a yellow spring”, which meant Öhlins at that time and we said “Yes, but we thought you keep these.” And he said: “Go to see the king, mention my name!” So, there were some really funny, funny moments with him, not too easy to deal with when we were living it, but afterwards very funny. Anyway, clearly, the guys, we had the biggest laughs with were Colin and Cal. They were proper actors.


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