A Blast From The Past Part 1: About 3 Very Technical People

Hervé Poncharal shows us some insights of the history of Tech3 Racing, which is celebrating season number 30 of World Championship competition in 2020.

 1985 H.PoncharalI had a really good contact with HRC and a really good contact with Rothmans I offered them the possibility to continue to do what I was doing inside of Honda France. When you work for a big company, you don’t have too much flexibilities and in racing you need to be flexible, you have to be able to adapt and only think in racing and nothing else. Therefore, I left Honda France and I created my company.

1990 GP Espagne rI asked Guy, if he wants to join. He said ‘Yes, I follow you.’ And then there was Bernard Martignac, who also followed. That was at the end of 1989, after the 1989 season and the first racing season for Tech3 was 1990, founded by three guys and this is why we call it Tech3. Tech stands for technical, high-tech, technic and 3, because we were three people to start the company. The first season was with Honda NSR250, an HRC machine from Honda factory and Rothmans being the title sponsor. That was how we started.

From the very first day, we have our company in Bormes les Mimosas, which is at the Cote d’Azur in the South of France. Since then, we always stayed here. Of course, we have been expanding, constructing buildings to create offices and workshops and now we have three big buildings. Bernard left a few years later, because he wanted to stop travelling and since that moment it’s only Guy and me on board. We did some years with Honda, then with Suzuki, back to Honda, changed to Yamaha and now we are proudly working with KTM.


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