Today Jonas Folger and Johann Zarco both successfully concluded the final preseason test with two noteworthy performances and now await the first race of their rookie campaigns with full motivation. Jonas Folger once again delivered a top performance on the Yamaha YZR-M1 to finish the test as the leading rookie and in 8th, just three-tenths of a second behind Dani Pedrosa in third, as he also completed a confidence-boosting race simulation today. Whereas Johann Zarco continued his swift adaptation to his MotoGP bike as he too completed a long run and eventually finished only 0.093 behind his teammate but ahead of current World Champion Marc Marquez, having cut 0.805 from his fastest time from the first day. The fired up pair will return to the track and will seek to impress in their first GP in the premier class at the highly anticipated season opener in ten days’ time in Qatar.

Jonas Folger

Position: 8th - Time : 1'54.807 - Laps: 131

Jonas Folger - 2017"The team and I kept the momentum going and completed another positive test here in Qatar and now I think that we are ready to start the season. Our priority today was to run a race simulation which we did at the end and this was very good for us because I ran some really consistent lap times and the engine mappings that we prepared, worked as we expected them to. It was interesting to see how the tyres performed and I gained some solid experience so now I have more of an idea about what to expect in a Grand Prix. Throughout this test, I have learnt a lot and I have built up more confidence with the bike again, especially in the simulation, where I rode safely. This was very important because the fall at the Phillip Island test when I was doing a long run made me lose some confidence. Now I understand the Yamaha better, particularly when the conditions are changing and I can adapt well. We will see what I can do on the race weekend because it’s a different story altogether when compared to testing but overall, the team and I can be very happy about the preparation that we have done this winter."

Johann Zarco

Position: 10th - Time: 1'54.900 - Laps: 151

Johann Zarco - 2017"The final day of the test went really well for me and I am excited about returning to the track soon for the start of my rookie season in the premier class. Today I completed a race simulation, which was important because it allowed me to gain valuable knowledge about how the bike’s behaviour changes over 22 laps. Even though I may not have been super fast, the experience was the most significant thing and I was consistent with my times also. My confidence improved throughout the three days, which I am really happy about, and today I made the most of the soft tyre by setting a solid lap time and ending up in a good position. Overall, we completed this test in a very positive way and now I can start the race week on a better level, plus I understand more about the high level of potential that the Yamaha has. In addition, I finished close to some of the top riders and this gives me further motivation, but it’s great that Jonas was so quick because we are both competitive and we can grow together. Now I will go home and do some training, stay calm and then wait for the race weekend where I aim to do a good job."

The 2017 Monster Yamaha Tech3 pair continued their relentless work under the floodlights as they hammered home two notable results on the second day of action at the Losail International Circuit. Jonas Folger produced another deeply impressive performance to finish in third position, which completed an all-Yamaha top three with the rapid rookie joining the two Factory Yamaha riders under the 1’54 mark today. Whilst double Moto2 World Champion Johann Zarco concluded another highly constructive day where he built up his speed before finishing in 10th and just 0.158 behind Marc Marquez. Both riders will aim to end the test by producing two positive performances tomorrow with the 2017 MotoGP season just 11 days away.

Jonas Folger

Position: 3rd - Time : 1'54.917 - Laps: 41Jonas Folger - 2017

"It was another good day and I am very happy because we made constant steps forward and even if they are small, we always seem to be making progress. When we started, the team and I confirmed some settings, which we needed to look at, and this improved things with the bike. I then ran a half race simulation for 12 laps at the end of the session in order to raise my confidence a bit when the bike has a full tank of fuel and this was important to do after the fall that I had at the Phillip Island test. All in all, the simulation itself went well and I was able to run quick and consistent times at the end of it. Therefore, we can be very pleased with what we accomplished and I want to thank the team for their efforts today, they are all doing a really good job and I am enjoying riding the Yamaha."

Johann Zarco

 Position: 10th - Time: 1'55.354 - Laps: 45

Johann Zarco - 2017"The second day here was interesting but positive overall. Once again, I worked on the Yamaha as well as myself but things went better than yesterday because I felt more comfortable which allowed me to ride faster and more consistent lap times, and that is encouraging. Step by step I can improve and I understand how I can achieve this. This is important and I know now that in order to ride a fast lap, I need to be able to make the most of the tyre on the opening laps. Sometimes, I don’t always do this and although I feel good after the tyre has completed a bit of distance, I know that I need to push as soon as I get out on the track. Therefore, if we work well tomorrow and if I can make a quick lap at the beginning when the tyres are fresh, then I am certain that I can finish the third and final day in a very positive way."

The Monster Yamaha Tech3 team pair leapt into action as the first day of the final pre-season test commenced at the Losail International circuit with both rookies outlining their intent for the year as they continued their notable form. The impressive Jonas Folger powered to 6th place with yet another eye-catching performance aboard the Yamaha YZR-M1, which left him as the fastest rookie in the field and also just 0.220 back from third. Whilst his teammate Johann Zarco successfully finished inside the top ten and a mere 0.026 behind multiple World Champion Valentino Rossi. Both riders will seek to carry on the positive momentum tomorrow on the second day of action.

Jonas Folger

Position: 6th - Time : 1'55.640 - Laps: 37

Jonas Folger - 2017"Today was the first time that I experienced the Losail track on a MotoGP bike and I felt really good immediately, yet not just on the Yamaha, but also with regards to the track itself. The Michelin tyres are working well so we were able to get up to speed quickly and then we continued our solid work. The team and I began to set up the M1 a bit and I rode both of my bikes, which was useful because in Australia, we did not completely decide which one would be better for me. However, after today’s work, we now know the bike that we will use and we will carry on with it tomorrow. All in all, it was a great day and I am happy with how we commenced proceedings here. We will aim to maintain this positive start and gather as much information as possible when I get back on the track."

Johann Zarco

Position: 9th - Time: 1'55.705 - Laps: 54

Johann Zarco - 2017"It was our first night in Qatar and I’m happy to be back on the Yamaha and working again. My feeling on the bike is already more positive than it was in Australia and I think that I have more references on this track. I was just doing my job but my times continued to get better and I moved up the field, which is pleasing. I am still working on my riding style so that I can get the best out of the M1 but we have a very high potential as the bike’s grip and it’s behaviour when it enters the corners is encouraging, therefore, I focused on improving myself on every lap. Once I am at a level that I am confident with, we will begin to adjust the bike more thoroughly. Nevertheless, today we made some advances with the Yamaha and I altered my style also so we were able to finish in a solid way. It has been a good start and I will keep pushing."


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